Oona mentioned at her baby shower that she loves to think in terms of “it takes a village.” I think we agree when thinking of the community of friends who created this shower and how this rang true with this group — I know that I am appreciative of the friendships I’ve created abroad. This very special group was formed back when we were all “bumps and babies*;” friendships formed through our firstborns and living here in Stockholm, as we started our families. The baby period is such a special time in one’s life; having our first borns over seas felt like it added even more to this life event. When one is so far away from their own family and culture, bonds just grow in a different way.

Did you know that it isn’t the custom in Sweden to throw Baby Shower? I think this is an American tradition. Are you living abroad and have you experienced that same? If you’re a reader from another country, are baby showers a part of your culture? I’d really love to hear from you. Our hostess and Guest of honor also had their daughters participate in the day. What a special day for us all!

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(*Bumps and Babies was an actual group and several met at this American groups)