Simple kid’s games: Thimble
Today is a holiday is Sweden and the kids will be on Spring Break for over one week. We’ve had a great start. Are you looking for simple things to do with this kids?
I learned this past week about an annual Polish tradition that takes place today, the Monday after Easter.  At a certain point during the day, someone declares “it’s time.” At this point, everyone tosses water at one another and no one is spared a dousing: Grandmothers to little children are included in this escapade. It reminded me of a simple game we used to play when visiting my Great Grandmother called “Thimble?” Have you ever heard of it? This is how it works:

Gather all participants and have everyone either sit cross-legged in a line or on chairs that are lined in a row.  Next, choose a person to be it and fill a thimble with water. The person who is it, should should first choose a category aloud,  (examples: colors, flavors of ice cream, holidays, etc); then, silently choose something within the category (example: yellow or aquamarine, chocolate chip ice cream or Easter, etc). Now, the person who is it will go down the line and give each person a chance to guess what he is thinking. The someone who guesses correctly is the “lucky” winner and gets the thimble of water tossed on them. The lucky one is now it. Have fun!

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