This one’s for you Leos:

To those Leos in my life, you know who you are — here’s a little lion salute to you today, as I’m thinking of the July and August birthday we’ve celebrated (or will soon)! With Leos on my mind, I want to celebrate you with a few of my favorite lion finds:

1) The Animal Prints Shop. Simply adorable and affordable baby animal prints that I first found here.


1) Click here: The Animal Prints Shop

2) Emerson Fry Lion Pendant.

Since she first hit the fashion scene, I’ve eyed her pendants, her pantry and her mod dresses.


3) Nick Brandt.

Our youngest has a Nick Brandt lion postcard framed after we viewed it at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm. I’ve found some Nick Brandt art here and if his exhibit is near you, go! He treats animals like fashion models.



Elisabeth Mayville

Paul Ferney Commission Project

Snowflake Lions

March: Lion or lamb?