Re-purpose household tins. After making one each, the kids and I decided that we now had 1st dibs on all future empty espresso containers. We’d like to make a series. (… will we manage to spell out their names?)



Recycled tin can with lid (shown, Espresso Tin)
Fine grained Sand paper
Spray paint
Sticker Letters or  free-hand letters, cut from Freezer Tape
Freezer tape
Work Surface
Pom Poms (instructions here), Fabric Ribbon, Rope or cord.
heavy card stock
Xacto Knife


Choose a container and let’s get started. Sand desired surfaces.

We like tins that have smooth surfaces so that the surface can be used in the design.  Some tins have uneven, bumpy surfaces (which, we tried). These only work well as solid colors or with large patterns. 



Once the area is clean, apply letter or pattern to this sanded surface. Press these firmly to the surface.
I freehanded the initials onto masking tape but, regular office supply alphabet stickers or dots (for polka dot pattern) would work well, too.  Keep in mind, the area that is covered will remain the color you cover. We covered exposed silver tin.


Now, it’s time to spray paint. Spray several very thin layers of paint, until reaching the desired coverage. Carefully peel away the letters when paint is dry.
Work outside or in a well-ventilated area (adult assistance). We worked outside and used an old cardboard box as our work surface.  If the edges have run, you can clean these up with finger nail polish remover and a Q-tip.

Making Multicolored Containers
Once the first color dries, if you’d like to add more color, apply decals/tape to the areas that you would like to keep the original color and spray again. Once the paint is dry, carefully peel away decals/tape. Continue following the same procedure until satisfied.
(Above left and first image. We taped the red layer with masking tape for stripes and then, painted a second color (pink).  
Prepare by making a Pom Pom topper (click, here, for pom-pom how-to) or 2) Cut Ribbon for Lid Top

After choosing pom pom or ribbon: (above, images to the right)
1) Cut an x in the center of the lid with Xacto knife.
2) Cut a heavy card stock re-enforcement circle that will fit inside the lid and cut an x in it’s center.
3) Placing the pom pom or ribbon (tie knots on the top surface before threading it through) on top and bring the strands first, though the top of the lid and then, second: through the re-enforcement circle. Tie.

Place the lid back on the container and you’re ready to go.
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