Lollipop Ghosts


Ladies and Gentleman: Happy Halloween!


If you’re in need of a last minute Halloween Giveaway, these are so sweet and easy! Oldies but goodies. Add a feather for an elegant lady or leave plain for a classic, ghost, lollipop. These are hits every year. I like them because they’re fun and easy to make. They keep well and have no messy clean up.

This year, these will be our give aways. Other years, we’ve added strings and have hung them from branches to create a Halloween Bouquet. Wishing you fun, too!

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Tissues (tissue paper works well, too — cut into squares)
String or ribbon
Black Pen
1) Choose tissue. If using tissue paper, cut into squares.
2 and 3) Fit Tissue over lollipop.
4) Cut String
5 and 6) Tie string at the base of the lollipop to secure.
6) Draw face and enjoy!
optional: slip a feather into the string for further details.
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