Printable: Clip-on Page-a-day Journals



It’s travel journal time here and oh, are these fun!



Even before the kids could write well, I’ve always had them keep a journal — writing and/or drawing — when we travel or have a school vacation. These travel journals are real treasures and have become rituals, too. (more travel ritual here). I knew from the moment I found these clip-on key rings that I wanted to create mini clip-on page-per-day journals this Winter break. The kids immediately clipped them to backpacks. How cool is that? Do your kids too love anything that clips on, too?


You will find PDF’s of these two variations below: #1: sun and #2: Ski
Let’s Create:


Heavy Card Stock for the cover and back cover
Key ring with Lobster clip (In Sweden: here; or here)
Xacto knife
Paper for interior of the journal
Hole Punch



How to make these:
1. Begin by choosing the correct PDF file below. I printed 8 per page — 2 side by side; 4 up — but, you can just print one if that’s all you need.
Print out cover: Printable PDF files
– US letter sized: Sun: click here
– US letter sized: Ski: click here
– European A4: Sun: click here
– European A4: Ski: click here
2. Cut cover and back cover; then interior pages to match. To make the example I made, make a guide like this: I folded my A4 (US: letter paper sized) in 1/2 lengthwise, then opened it and folded it in 1/2 and 1/2 again and cut along these folded lines. I wanted all of our journals to be different and made one with white pages and the other two with varied colors — one in a complete rainbow. I also counted 4 pages per vacation day with hopes for drawing.


3. Punch holes on the left-hand side in the middle – cover, back cover and interior sheets — matching all pages carefully.
4. Open key ring and slide into the hole.
5. Mission Accomplished: One Clippable page-per-day Journal. Have fun keeping!