Gamla Stan by Night for Halloween


I can’t think of better way to greet you today than Gamla Stan (Old Town) under a full moon!


Follow along on the tour and photos: just click “read more” below


We joined friends last night for a city”Ghost Tour.” Our friend, Alexia, organized “our gang” in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan) tour and warmed us with hot apple cider plus Trick or Treat goodies with her usual style + finesses.  The Ghost Tour kept the attention of our 10-12 year olds from start to finish. Even our tiniest member, “mini-5-year-old-werewolf,” seemed to take in the stories + atmosphere while enjoying the relatively traffic free area to roam when necessary!  The tour and our guide delivered interesting historic facts, as well as spooky moments and creepy stories for our small “Halloween-ers.”



Nooks + crannies everywhere: …look carefully: is that a ghost or a guard?



Old Town’s candy colored facades and narrow cobble stoned streets do seem to talk. Whether you visit Gamla Stan for a Halloween Tour ((more tour info here) or as a stop of a Stockholm visit,  it’s an eternal favorite.  Halloween wishes to you from Stockholm xo, willowday + gang!
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