Tiny Leaf Wreaths

14-oct-maindOur Autumn colors are so scrumptious it’s like living in a rainbow. We’ve already made a Leaf Wreath (click here) for our front door, but, this weekend, we made this mini version: Tiny Leaf Wreaths.

Come along with us and your pretty leaves and pretty babies to make your very own Tiny Leaf Wreaths with your own hands.







I hope that you’ll like to make these simple teeny leaf wreaths, too. We used the same technique, as used for the big, full wreaths but only filled the wire frame 1/2 way. We added a little note and hung it on the door, knowing that it would be just as pretty in a week, as it was today to greet our neighbor friend.
  • 1.  Gather leaves.
  • 2. Prepare a wire hanger by rounding it into a wreath shape. If you would prefer to use a thick, plain, wire, this works very well, too.
  • 3. Add leaves: Once you have prepared the wire, begin by pressing leaves onto the wire. Fill as much as you’d like but, for these, we filled them halfway. Embellish with extras if you’d like more.
  • 4. Hang: If you’ve left the hanger in it’s original form, proceed and hang. If you’ve made one, round, circular wreath, thread a ribbon through the center of the wreath, doubling up the ribbon and a fix where you’d like.14-oct-mainFor another reference: Easiest Leaf Wreath (ever) yet? Something you might like: