Clay Bunny Necklaces

Happy Monday! I hope the week’s off to a great start and I hope you and your smalls will have the chance to make these thumbprint bunny necklaces. We think they’re so sweet to wear, give and fun to make! Continue below to learn how…


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To make these little necklaces, you just need clay, a wooden skewer and ribbon. That’s it! I think that they’re just as sweet when they’re imperfect with finger prints as I do, when you polish them with water before dry. You can be the judge yourself and use this idea for your age group. Happy Making!

Air-dry Clay or sculpty clay, wood skewer, ribbon for necklace
How to make:
– Take a walnut sized piece of clay and form into a round ball. Smoothing the surface.
– Add 2 pieces in the shapes of ears and attach; smooth surface. If using sculpty clay, smooth with fingers, if using air-dry clay, you may dampen a cloth an lightly run it across the surface to smooth.
– Press the wooden skewer through the top of the form and start to flatten the shape.
– Twist the skewer while shaping to keep it loose and once the bunny head is flat, pull the skewer out.
– With the sharp end of the skewer, draw a bunny face.
– Let dry.
– Once bunny is dry, thread on to ribbon and wear or give as a gift!
Happy Making.
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