Chalk Easter Eggs

Happy Monday and Happy Monday Makings! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! I like to get the week started with a very, simple, project that everyone can do. The downy-soft colors of chalk remind me of Spring and I’ve found a way to combine that chalk color with eggs to make Chalk Easter Eggs.  Just click below to see the full post and how!



Chalk Easter Eggs can be used just like regular eggs for hunts or strung on a ribbon for decorations that you bring out year after year. I love the time-capsule quality of these and usually make blown eggs just for that purpose. I enjoy the tradition of looking forward to getting out the eggs to hang every year. What about you? Do you have Easter Egg Traditions? Today, I wish you inspiration and would love to see how you use these tutorial!


Happy Monday Making!


Hard Boiled Eggs (cool) or Hollowed Eggs, chalk, clear finger nail polish, egg carton for drying.

How to make Chalk Eggs:– Holding your egg carefully, color it as you’d like with chalk.


– Once your pattern is complete, paint over the surface with clear finger nail polish to seal the pattern.


Once finger nail polish has been applied, prop egg on egg carton to dry. Once dry, the eggs are ready for Easter Festivities!


Tip for clean coloring lines:  paint the direction of the drawing to minimilize streaking


Tip for watercolor/tie-dye effect: paint across the direction that you painted the original pattern and applying a litttle more pressure, you will draw the chalk pigments into the next color, causing more of a watery pattern


Tip for details: If you would like to draw a very clear pattern, then, carefully dap the clear polish on the pattern color by color.


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