DIY Paper Hat with printable


Happy Friday! Personalised Party Hats for everyone. Yes, everyone!
We have birthdays and celebrations all over, right now! It made me want to share some celebrating with you, too: Printable Paper Party Hats-
Hooray! Personalize paper hats just for you! Just Click Below for more ….
To make these: Print the template. Cut pattern from cardboard and decorate. Personalize these yourself or let the kids personalise their own!

You might want to prepare these according to your own theme ahead of time but, I think these are a lot of fun to have as a party craft: All you need are color pencils or stickers: make polka dots by using office supply dot stickers!

In the hats above, we’ve stuck exclusively to blue and I think that makes a fun continuity even when everyone has their own idea.  We added pompoms, too.

Continue below to find the templates for US letter or European A4 sized patterns.

Print template. Cut. Decorate. Enjoy!
Templates here:
If you follow willowday on Instagram (here,) then you know that I try to post regularly — photos that are much more personal and photos that you won’t find here, like Henry’s birthday hat  (here😉 the fact that even thought we don’t have small hands in the house any more, I still love the impact of Giant Lyra Color Pencils (here), do you, too? If you’d like a few glimpses of Henry these past months on Instagram, just click here | here | and here (he still likes this basket!).  It’s Swedish National Day, so Happy Birthday Sweden (here) We’re just had a belated birthday for one family member and are planning a golden birthday for our youngest this week! Do you celebrate golden birthdays? Have you ever heard of them before. I’m not sure it this is a wide spread tradition. My husband, who’s Golden Birthday would have been when he turned 1 on the 1st had never heard of it before. I don’t know if this is because he was… 1 or if it’s not a tradition in France? I’m so curious if you celebrate Golden birthdays?
I love to celebrate so I say: game on, Golden Day! I can’t wait. Happy Making! Happy Celebrations!
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