Do you remem­ber how much fun it was as a kid, when a week­end treat was served as a sur­prise on a week day?

Last week, I asked my son if he would pre­fer a banana or an ice cream, after school. The ques­tion alone was such a sur­prise to him that I could see him try­ing to dis­guise his crazy luck, while simul­ta­ne­ously smil­ing and jump­ing to find the ice cream cones. Next, we shared three cheers and I added, “OK, so now grab that cone and that banana and I’d love your help with a lit­tle some­thing special.”


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This deceptively simple, amazingly delicious and completely nutritious ice cream was prepared along with my favorite Swedish chef, just click below to see who my mystery chef was, for the recipe and for my first post as a contributor to Handmade Charlotte. (It’s such a thrill!)  Recipe and full post here | click here.|.