Recycled Kaleidoscope Frisbees

What do you do, after school?
I’d love it if you tagged along with us to make this week’s after school project. It’s both creative and one for kids with ants in their pants!  Grab your markers. Gather those recycled plastic container tops and come get colourful + creative with us! Let’s make: Recycled Kaleidoscope Frisbees.
We’re having the most fantastic weather in Stockholm and that’s keeping us outdoors after the school bell rings.  What do you like to do, after-school? I recently shared an after-school pompom project that our daughter made + can wear (here). 
I think experiments and projects with quick outcomes are great to keep in mind and a wonderful way to unwind together: while getting the chance to be creative. I love this project because it’s both a creative project, as well as an activity. It can take 2 minutes or 20, depending on how much time your artist wants to embellish. We found that the larger lids fly quite well. Why not have a contest to see who can toss these the furthest. Since they’re transparent, their colours are really beautiful, too. I can’t wait to see what you do with this, too.
Large clean, transparent, recycled, plastic tops, permanent markers (Sharpies are ideal)
To make a Recycled Kaleidascope Frisbees:
– Start by drawing the center spiral lines.
– Add Color.
– Take your frisbee outside and start tossing!
Happy Simple, Tuesday, Making!
As always, I’d love to see what you do with this tutorial and when you share these in Facebook or Instagram!