Make Zombie Hand Treats


Get spooky tonight. Make Zombie Hand Treats this Friday night!

I am positive as a kid I had dreams this entire month about Halloween candy. Now, as a mother, I think about it differently. I want to give the kids the fun but without the sugar.

This is that: treats without sugar. Add a little spookiness to the weekend with Zombie Hand Treats. Later, add these to a Halloween party.

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When my friend, Monique, moved back to Sweden 5 years ago, not only did we gain our friends back;  Monique shared this fun idea with us. Since then, these have become my favorite Halloween Treat. They’re just scary enough for me and fun for the kids.  When we originally made these we used black liquorice for the nails and now, for our Friday Night Aperitif with the kids, I’ve replaced the sugar with wasabi peanuts.

I made these as a Friday night surprise but, these are really fun to make with a group of kids, as well. I’d love to see how you use them, too!


Popcorn, Washi Peanuts, One-time-use kitchen gloves, Ribbon,


To make:

– Place the Wasabi Peanuts in the tip of each glove.

– Fill glove with popcorn

– Close with ribbon





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