Willowday Yearly Review

Dear Friends,
Happy New Year! I’m so very happy to meet you again.  I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday or break, too. Before we jump into 2015 together, I’ve rounded up a few projects from 2014 — in fact, I’ve just counted: 52 Best Willowday DIY, Crafts and Treats from 2014 . I just couldn’t stop at 50 because there’s so much more… and 52 is one for each week of the year! 

Willowday Yearly Review

Thank you for sharing this year of inspired days with us and now, I hope that you enjoy these 52 simple projects that we’ve made with our own two hands for you to make with your own two hands, too! Make these on your own or side-by-side. We are looking forward to diving into 2015 together. Willowday Wishes!

(jump with me below…)


Willowday Yearly Review | Paper Projects


Willowday Yearly Review | Recycle Projects:


Paper Fan Garland | Make a Wishing Star Bank | Make Wrapping Paper Pompoms | Make Washi Tape Locks | How to Color Fabric With a Crayon | Make a Phone/Ipod Stand

Willowday Yearly Review | Nature Projects:


Willowday Yearly Review | On-our-walls:

Kids Bike License Plates (for your bike or a door) Personalized Kids Art | Chalkboard Deer Head | Make Yarn Doll Garland | Black and White Portraits with Printable | Framed Flower Monograms

Willowday Yearly Review | Treats

Willowday Yearly Review | Games

Willowday Yearly Review | Wearables

52 Simple projects to make on your own or side by side! There were so many, it was very difficult to choose! For more, go here (create) and here (kitchen) or just explore willowday. As always, I’d love to see what you do. I hope you’re ready to jump into 2015 with us. We can’t wait.
Drop me a line if there’s something special you are looking for. There are so many things to be thankful for in 2014: you, my family, new friends and so much more. Happy Creating!

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