Swedish Snowball Lanterns



In Sweden, I think everyone grows up making these snowball lanterns.


Whether it’s for play or for a special occasion, I see these everywhere  — dotting my neighborhood and then, again at mountain restaurants — and no one acts as though these are astonishing. Breathtaking, right?

As a ex-pat, daily unfolding Sweden, I can pinpoint the exact moment in time that I first saw a Swedish Snowball Lantern. In fact, I remember the room where I saw sitting and how I looked out the snowy mountain window of the ski chalet —  where I was celebration my first Swedish Christmas —  and to my surprise, my husband Aunt Elsie and Uncle Rune were outside lighting several of this magical, magnetic, lanterns. I can still feel the rush of emotion when I think back to that exact moment.

The feeling stays with me. However, as a busy mom with kids with boundless energy: I “commission” Snowball Lanterns from the kids. It’s a win-win, parents!




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There’s a saying in Sweden that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

This robust attitude is present in winter play and outside creativity, as well.  I think Snowball Lanterns are a natural example of this.  I like them for their duality: kids fun with beauty adults can enjoy, too! (And, honestly: these can — and are — made by all ages!)