Mother’s Day Hugs Gift Wrap

I’m not sure I could imagine a much nicer idea for Mother’s Day than a hug from my kids.

I just know you feel that same, right? Good news:  I’ve figured out a way for everyone to get and give a Mother’s Day hug, too!



These huggable packages can be made with plain wrapping paper or, if you’d like to do what we did: start with a piece of collaborative art work.

To make the collaborative art wrapping paper (that’s is seriously so cute you’ll want to use it as a piece of art —- and can!) this is what you’ll need

  • 1 Roll of Craft Paper
  • multiple paint brushes
  • Pink Tempura paint


  • Cut and place paper on a covered work space.  We used a very large piece of paper and to keep it from buckling, I taped the edges with washi tape to the table top.
  • I set this us as an invitation to create. This means that I set out pink paint, read to use; brushes with water and rags to drips
  • I then invited the kids to each paint a heart. I encouraged them to fill the entire sheet and this was what they made.

Note: I was serious above  that this is such a pretty project that we did hang it in a 70 x 100 cm frame.

In fact, I first shared this art project on Instagram  and had so many inquiries on Instagram that I hosted several private art camps. If this is a concept you would like more information about or if you would like to hire me in your home, work or classroom for a collaborative art project, please contact me with an email: willowtweet (at) gmail (dot) com.  You can see just a small glimpse of a few other collaborative art projects that I’ve shared that I’ve created with my kids / HERE 


Now. Let’s make Mom a hug!

Supplies: Craft paper, pink paint (gauche, tempera or hobby paint), paint brush, black pen, double-sided tape, and pink card stock.



  • – Using one color, paint hearts onto the craft paper (see above for family collaborative art)
  • – Let dry.
  • – Once the paper is dry, wrap your gift and embellish:


  • – Cut 2 arms from the pink card stock.
  • – Tape the bases of these arms onto the package.
  • – Add facial details and a message.


Happy hug-making!

Happy Mother’s Day wishes — AND —

Happy Hug Day for anyone and everyone you would like to give a hug, too!


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