DIY Painted Candles for Adults + Kids


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DIY Painted Candles for Adults + KidsPOST_BIGand-SMALLCANDLES_TOPno ntextPOST_BIGand SMALLCANDLES_BOTTOMIn the hustle and bustle of the season, there are project that always truly stand out as the ones that you make again and again.


are this project to me. 

Without a second thought, I pull out ordinary tapers, apply a quick ombre swoosh of glitter paint to the bottom of a candle and 30 minuets later, I have a personal hostess gift.

For kids, these DIY PAINTED CANDLE STICKS are such a fun and experimental project. For littles, Picasso lines look great. Use lots of color or go monochromatic: these all work! Bigger kids who want details will also be very satisfied painting these.

If you’re looking for a project that you can create side by side (and also, create in under 30 minutes) these are a real go-to.  As hard as I try and plan my time, I’ve always looking for those extra few minutes in the day and also how to add personal touches.  Don’t we want to all: time to go out, enjoy friends, family, concerts, seasonal parties but, also have the special satisfaction it brings when you’ve had the time to make special gifts that are hand made. Creating side by side with the kids, brings me so much fun and with a project like this: no stress with the outcome: they always look great.



I find the conversations on Instagram to be so conversational. In the photo above, you can see the red printed card from mielaerkerasmussen who I always look forward to meeting on Instagram . Mie is such a generously creative mother who I’m sure will inspire you if you’re also a parent with young children. She and her family are such constant creators, it’s impressive. I had to share this beautiful handmade card from her here but, you will find much, much more on her feed for pre-school  + elementary aged children , here. 

If you’re new to willowday, I love projects that allow side-by-side creating for parents or adults with kids. Here are some other BIG and SMALL project that I’ve shared here

post_bigcandlespost_bigand-smallcandlesonlyHave you been following along in The Creative Calander’s 24 Days of CreativityHERE? I’m thrilled to have 20 Scandinavian Creators sharing a new project every day for 24 days in a third annual calendar. 

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