Write and Erase Emoji Cards

Looking for a fun project to make with the kids on break? Who can resist an emoji? Make Emoji Cards. These Emoji Cards are stand out fun because you can reuse them or create new faces, again and again. I’ll show you how to make them and how to use these again and again in today’s Write and Erase Emoji Card post. 


Join the fun.


Let’s get started:

  • Print Yellow dot on card stock in printer or make the yellow circle on your own.
  • Cut Card Stock with Yellow dot
  • Cut piece of overhead film to the same size as the initial card stock.
  • Attach both pieces — white card stock with yellow dot and overhead film — at the top with washi tape.
  • Write greeting on the cover with whiteboard pen or chalk board pen.
  • Mail!EMOJI_CARDS_samples



Happy card making! These are cards that I can get everybody to join in making and are making our current thank writing a lot of fun! I hope that you have fun with these, as well. I hope that you take away a little inspiration, imagination and a small little bit of Sweden, too! If you use this tutorial, I would love to see what you do with it. Share your willowday projects with me on Instagram and  FacebookWillowday Wishes Instagram –  Facebook – Pinterest 

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