5 Handmade Gifts for Mom

5 Handmade Gifts for Mom. Flowers and handmade gifts from the kids are a match made in the stars for me.  On the brink of Mother’s Day Weekend in the US,  I’m asking myself, ”so, which handmade Mother’s Day projects have been my personal favorites?” Here are  5 Handmade Gifts for Mom for you to make, too. I can’t possibly choose just one but, settled on choosing 5 Handmade Gifts for Mom. that we’ve repeated, time after time, have shared with others or ones that we return to repeatedly.

I hope this selections of 5 Handmade Gifts for Mom will bring some simplicity in your life so that you have time to focus on creativity and share time instead.   Join me in a sharing handmade love with Mom and also the chance to share time with one another in side-by-side creating — probably the best Mother’s Day gift of all.  5 Handmade Gifts for Mom for  you to make with your kids.

Mother's Day Roundup

  1. DIY Mother’s Day Monogram Journals – HERE
  2. DIY Flower Tea Bags – HERE
  3. Personalized Mother’s Day Bead Necklaces – MAKE
  4. Lavender Body Scrub and Lemon Sugar Scrub – MAKE
  5. Big + Small: Wrapped Washer Necklaces – HERE

Gift Wraps are as important as the gifts. There are two of my favorites for Mom

  1. Playful hugs, like this for Mom: Mother’s Day hugs Gift Wrap – HERE
  2.  Flower wrapped in a personalised message HERE

If you’ve visited willowday recently, have you had the chance to try making Flower Face Vases (here) and Nesting Bowls (here)? I’m loving these faces every time I get a peak at one and would love to see what you do, if you use these tutorials.

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