Best Raw Brownies

This recipe is the bomb. These raw brownies have passed the test of the hardest critic in the house hold and are my go to treat,  when I want to make the kids a mid-week treat but one that’s healthy, too.  (And you: I love these and feel no post-holiday guilt.)



Brownie Base
2½ Cups pitted dates
1 1/2 cups walnuts
6 TCocoa powder or Kakao
1 1/2 tsp Pure Vanilla
2 tsp Water
Pinch of Salt


“Frosting” Topping

1/4 cup cacao or cocoa powder
¼ cup pure Maple Syrup or Agave
2 tbsp Melted Coconut Oil
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract



  • Combine dates, walnuts, 6 T cocoa, 1 1/2 tsp vanilla, water, and salt in a food processor.
  • Process until completely smooth.
  • Line 8 x 8 inch pan with baking paper and pat the mixture evently into pan. (This mixture will appear quite dry)To make “Frosting” Topping:
  • In a medium mixing bowl, combine remaining cocoa and vanilla extract with the maple syrup and melted coconut oil.
  • Stir until mixture forms a paste
  • Spread evenly over base layer.
  • Refrigerate brownies for at least 2 hours until firm.
  • Cover and keep in frig for a week or freeze.

It’s been a while since I’ve share a recipe and I get a little caught up questioning myself: “should I or shouldn’t I share recipes?” There are so many amazing sites out there that focus purely on recipes; but, in our house, I really do drop everything to make sure meals and food are healthy, fun and nutritious from the moment the kids were introduced to food. I feel that enjoying food is also a way to be creative.  Since this is a site where I’m hoping to leave those with kids with doses of every day creativity, I’m going to press post and share these today, too because they are truly loved by everyone in my house. The secret to making sure that these pass the test for even the most finicky is to 1. make sure that these are pureed to perfection. 2. make sure that they’re chilled (If you have someone in your house who’s suspicious of dates and raw food, the date flavor is more pronounced before they’re chilled.  So, resist. Resist letting kids clean the spoons if this is the case for you, too.) BUT, well pureed, well chilled and these Raw Brownies are chocolate love bombs!

Willowday Wishes,




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