Friday Flowers

Friday Flowers and hidden places that I can’t keep to myself.

Yesterday, I drove about two hours north west from Stockholm with the morning light to a Photography Workshop called, Hidden Places Workshop. The workshop was so inspiring, it was almost overwhelming. As a way to focus myself, I made full use of the room full of flowers we had available; made this bouquet and, then, used it as my model-for-the-day. Follow the flowers through 11 rooms of this Swedish manor.

Follow me — and the vase — from the grand Dining room, up the stairs and to the Attic…

Let’s jump….

One Vase in 12 Spaces.


In the Attic, here’s Vase No. 2.




12 Friday Flowers.

It’s such a play of light and mood from room to room and I hope this has been a nice way to tour such a gem of a location. The tapestries and walls are all still hanging on by threads but, invoke the era while working today.

The workshop, Hidden Places,  was created and hosted by, Mathilda and Natalie of Babes in Boyland. Sofia of Mokkasin who created such a magical day, I’m still processing it and can just summarise that it was magic. I was completely thrilled to share the day with them and to meet 19 other fantastic creative women.   If you’re interested in more, I’ve shared the links to all of the participants Instagram accounts here. There is also an Instagram tag, #hiddenplacesworkshop for you to peruse over the weekend for more inspiration.  I’ll share more from the day next week.


Decorating Easter eggs this weekend? Did you catch this round up? (here) Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday and Friday Flowers.

I can’t decide what. was my favorite spot but, I did seem to look for excuses to return to these doors time and time again.





Have a wonderful weekend! Remember that I love to see your work. Don’t be shy. Share it with me on Instagram or Pinterest | Facebook.