You were on my mind, so I made you a little gift.


This past week, between running my kids to school, practices + the orthodontist; keeping up with the laundry + walking the dogs and I’ve been feeling like the phrase I’ve heard so many times before: “I just don’t have time!”  BUT, I have a FIX that I wanted to share with you: BUNNY GIFT CARDS for you to personalise anything and everything you’d like, in a blink of an eye.  These are a few ways I use them:

  • Personalised Gift Tags
  • Easter Candy Gift Bags
  • Cupcake Toppers
  • Easter or Party Puppets
  • Party Crafts
  • Party or Easter Place Cards
  • Stickers, if printed on Sticker Paper
  • Tattoos, if printed on Tattoo Paper
  • Kid Craft Paper, let your little cut, paste and create with these

If you become a friend* today through downloading these PDF Printable Bunny Gift Cards in a 2 step process (name + email), you will instantly receive these gift cards.  I like to give my willowday friends little extra gifts and know it’s an easy way to receive all posts, news and other special things that I hope you’ll enjoy, too!

What you think and what you want to find here are important to me.  I haven’t had the time — ah hem — for quite some time to write and post on willowday ;  but, I read all of your mails. I reply to every single mail and comment on Instagram, too;  where you’ll find additional content and slices of everyday willowday life. I’m currently working a few different and new projects in the next months that I look forward to sharing with you.  If you’re a friend of willowday, you’ll receive news and other goodies before anyone else does.  Your emails are kept 100% private for my eyes only.

Print. Cut.  Go. I can’t wait to see and hear where your Printable Bunny Gift Cards end up.

(for gifts, for classes, for play + more)

Happy Friday Wishes to you! I hope you’ve found the other FREE BUNNY PRINTABLE FOR KIDS this week (here) . I l-o-v-e to see how your use willowday tutorials and idea. Don’t hesitate to mail me a mail or to tag me (@willowdaygram in Instagram)and to use the #willowday hashtag!

Thank you for meeting me on the willowday blog, willowday instagram and for supporting + spreading my ABC Flower Safari Book + art in my “Willowday shop”

Willowday Wishes,


* If you’re already a subscribing willowday friend. You should have received a direct, downloadable link straight to your in-box earlier today.

PS. Hello, to my true neighbors,Terese and Eva, ” I’ll be dropping by soon to deliver printed packs to you in person; AND to you — willowday friend —  as much as I wish I could hand these to you in person, I’m thinking that you just might be having a great day without an unexpected guest; I’m imagining you, super comfortable in the coziness of your own home in your yoga pants without ever having to open the door! 🙂 Have fun with these FREE BUNNY PRINTABLE FOR KIDS

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