How to keep warm, Swedish-style

In Sweden, the saying goes: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

Swedish parents keep their babies, toddlers and children keep warm in their buggies and sleds by lining them with a layer of fur. Fur, often curly-haired lamb, is laid-out, like a blanket, on the bottom of their sled or buggy for warmth. Babies, in the buggies, are in sleeping bags which are specially designed for their buggies and cold weather. Inside these buggy-sleeping-bags, parents will place a bottom layer of fur for warmth, which content baby rest on.
1) Fur: Line your child’s sled, buggy or buggy bag with a fur layer.
2) Light-weight foam cushion – either long roll or one that folds up in squares. Pre-schoolers often have the little ones with them for excursions throughout the year. Good protection for both moisture and cold.
3) One-piece Snow Suits and Alligator Clips. Kids up until 8 or 9 continue to wear these one-piece suits. They are toasty warm — no snow comes down their backs while playing.
4) Trusty IKEA sack. Everyone has one, two … or several of these handy utilitarian totes. These multi-functional bags are used everywhere; perfect for hauling all of your ice skating gear to the rink!

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