Indoor S’mores

That’s right: Indoor S’mores.


We used to live in an apartment in the city. One night, I had this idea that I would like to introduce the kids to “s’mores” but without having to dress all three toddlers up in three sets of winter clothes, trek outside, … build a bonfire on my own when I had a lightbulb moments:  let’s try a candle! And, yes: our ritual with Indoor s’mores was born.

Graham crackers don’t exist in Sweden  so I replaced them with “Petit Écolier,” (those yummy French sugar cookies covered with a layer of chocolate.) We love these cookies on their own, but, wait until you combine these with a melted marshmallow! Divine.


This is what you need:
Petit Ecolier, marshmallows, 1 candle(I prefer the broad based candle for stability.) , and skewers (this can be metal or wood skewers or even, as pictured above: a fork!)
How to make an indoor s’more: Then, this is how you get started:
– Light candle.
– Place marshmallow on a skewer.
– Hold carefully over the flame, turning slowly and constantly.
– Once lightly brown and soft, place on one cookie.
– Cap this with a second cookie, chocolate side down, and sandwich the marshmallow between the two.Mission accomplished: indoor s’more by candlelight!
*Parental attention necessary since you are using a candle with flame.

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