#3 Pocket Wrap – Part II – Valentine’s Day Edition
These pairs were destined to be together and I thought it was worth doing a “Pocket Wrap: Part II” so that I could share this idea with you. Happy preparations!
combinations we love:  
– book + bookmark
– Journal + pen!
– Writing paper
– Heart Shaped Card to be inserted or Bookmark (I used Red heavy card stock- 220 g paper)
– Scissors
– Cutting Tool
– Tape
Additions to Include:– 1 book — present
– Pens: 1) to give away + 2) for writingIf you’d like to make what we’ve made:

Versoin A: FOR THE Bookmark + BOOK:
Make these personal with a handwritten poem on the writing paper. For this example, I used classic, children’s writing paper and lettered the note in a red ink pen. Hand writing is beautiful scripted with a fat, saturated, drawing pencil, too! For the nicest presentation, fill in the blanks in with extra words, such as x’s and o’x or the word “love.” All of the space should be filled with hand writing for a nice, even wrapping.Version B: FOR THE Journal + Pen:

– Begin by wrapping a packaging using the “Pocket Wrap, click here” for the journal.
– Make sure that the pocket is centered, low, so that there is room for the bookmark.
– Write a greeting on your bookmark.
– Slide the bookmark into the package pocket.
Click here for the a full tutorial for How to wrap with a “Pocket Wrap, (click here)” 

Useful tips
1) Pay attention to the pocket spacing to accommodate the pen and heart.
2) Cut the appropriate sized heart. It will need to fit into the pocket.
3. Cut two holes that are slightly larger than the radius of the pen on both sides, in the middle of the heart. Fill in your Valentine greeting on the heart, then, slide the pen through the holes for the “cupid’s bow and arrow” effect. Set the “Heart and Pen-arrow”heart-card in the pocket. Your Journal + Pen gift is ready.

 Happy Gift Giving! As always, I love to see what you do with these tutorials, too! Happy willowday.
Thank you Martha Stewart for Pinning this!! You more than made my day!
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We’re so happy to meet you here. As always, I love to see what you do with these tutorial and send you: Willowday Wishes!
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