Heart Embroidered Knee-Socks

Keep your little Valentine’s tootsies toasty! Taking the time to do something hand-made feels so special.  And with embroidery, it’s very quick.  I started embellishing the kid’s onsie’s and have never stopped: tee-shirts, hats, bags, etc. Today, I’d like to share a knee sock project that will be part of my daughter’s Valentine package. When I found these cashmere-blend knee socks, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! … yes, I have hearts on my heart, this week. Do you?



Thread your needle and knot the end (or leave about 1 inch, once you’ve pushed through, to bind afterwards). Push the needle up through your fabric. Push the needle back down through the original hole and back up a short distance from the original hole, this is where you will decide the length of each link. Pull the thread taut (not tight) and create your first link. Loop the working thread in the direction of your chain. Hold with your thumb and push the needle back into the second hole and up the same distance from that hole as in the first stitch. Continue adding links in this manner until you have achieved the required length of chain. Finish off by pushing the needle through stitches at the back of your work to secure. Snip the thread with your scissors. For these socks: First outline the shape of a heart, then proceed to fill in the interior.

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