Valentine’s Day Handprint Cards



GLITTERY, VALENTINE’S DAY, HANDPRINT CARDSI love to return to hand prints. As long as the kid’s hand prints look sweet on a card, we will do hand print cards. This is a classic with a glitter twist.



Blank note cards and envelopeGlueGlitterContrasting color papertray or paper plate: one for glittering, one for glueingpaint brushScissors

Squeeze glue in a paper plate. With your hand or paint brush, swirl this, as necessary, for even application. Gently press your hand into the glue and quickly make a hand print impression on the center of the note card. Shake glitter over the glue impression and shake off the excess. Now, cut a heart in the contrasting paper, which will be the size of the center of your hand. Make a long strip of paper that is smaller than the heart and accordion fold this paper strip, leaving a nice sized beginning and end because this will be necessary for attaching. Apply glue to the top of the strip and attach the heart to one end. Now, apply glue to the opposite end, of the accordion folded strip, and paste into center of the hand. Let dry. Enjoy giving this Valentine to someone special.

Valentine’s IDEA and PROJECTS