DIY: LUGGAGE TAGS for travelers
I promised to share a few things that we packed for this flight and, also, wanted to share a travel DIY.
I love project because the kids were so enthusiastic from the beginning their “airplane commission” and we ended up with a few really fun, functional travel pieces. I’d like to start with these luggage tags today. A few days before we left,  I asked the kids to each draw one airplane on a piece of plain paper. Once they started drawing, they drew and they drew and they drew; PART 1: Travel Journal (sister project). I had a difficult time choosing just one favorite airplane.


Airplane drawing
Scanner and Printer
Scissors or Xacto  Knife
Laminate Pouches
Hole Punch
Cord or strap to attach to luggage


Ask your children to make a drawing of an airplane with a dark pen, marker or very, heavy crayon.
It is important that the lines are heavy enough to transfer well.

Once the drawing is complete, scan the drawing and print to the correct size of your laminate pouch. Leave room around the edges for cutting and space for the laminate to adhere.
Continue below — click READ MORE — for full tutorial:

(Supply note: I used European office supplies for this project: A6 Paper (148 x 105 cm) laminate pouches and had the kids make their original drawing on 1/4 of an A4 (which is this A6 size.)
For US Standards, fit the drawing in a laminate pouch that is about 1/4 of an 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. There are laminate pouches available in this size.)

Luggage Tag Side One Art:
Print airplane drawing. Cut smaller than the laminate pocket.
Luggage Tag Side Two Art:
Print identity or write my hand, if you prefer
(name, address, country, contact numbers).
I like to use a bright color on this side, so that these tags are helpful to quickly identify the luggage.

Once you have the artwork ready for both the front and the back, insert in laminate pouch and carefully, seal. Trim, if necessary. I like the look of rounded edged and rounded all corners with a scissors.

Punch Hole:
Punch one hole for the tag and reinforce with round reinforcer stickers on both front and back.

With strong cord or a little leather strap, thread through the hole and attach to suitcase.
Happy Travels! Not only are these easy to spot, but the personal touch makes travel all the more fun.

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