Elsa Beskow: Willow baby (Videung)

When I look out my window today, I feel like I could almost find a sleeping “baby willow,” too. The atmosphere and colors in this painting, mirror the April colors we’ve had this long Spring. It’s no wonder that Elsa Beskow’s sweetly embellished scenes from local nature have stayed so popular in Sweden.

Willow baby by Elsa Beskow

This was done by the famous Swedish illustrator and writer, Elsa Beskow.
With all of the talk of babies and nests, this week, I wanted to share this illustration with you before April’s exit. Do you know Elsa Beskow? You can find her in English books, here. Is her style familiar to you? Elsa’s illustrations often illuminate nature and fairies. She also, frequently, added framework in an Art Nouveau style to her books. I liked to read the story of “The Tale of the Little Old Woman,” to tune my Swedish, with the kids; but, enjoyed the artwork in every book I’ve seen by her.

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