Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Our school holidays began on Friday. Yesterday, as I was perusing cookbooks for our weekend entertainment plans and coordinating next week’s travel plans with my husband, the kids were free to be. I loved discovering what they were up to: a note to the Easter Basket with a request for a “bunny paw print” (complete with a pen.) They played inside and out and interspersed their play by decorating Easter Eggs with Sharpie pens and acrylic paint (without my prompting… interesting what kids find to do on their own when given the luxury of time. Do you find this, too?) These projects really made us laugh.

Luckily, I am making recipe this from 101 cookbooks (Zucchini Ricotta Cheesecake Recipe) today and need eggs. I’m breaking the entertainment rule of trying something new on guests. Do you do that, too? Wish me luck. Looking forward to meeting you back here after the weekend.



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