these Pine Cone Place cards and Pine Cone Gift Bags for a treasure hunt at our son’s camping birthday. None of the kids had seen bark written on before and even this detail led to an excited conversation. From preparation and after the party, these pine cone details were an essential part of laying a fantastic day. I hope that you, too, will have the chance to add these to a special day!


Gift Bags and Place Cards.


Pine Cone Gift Bags and Place Cards
Here is a little tutorial of how the gift bags and place cards for “Camp Grayson.” were made.


Pine Cones
Kitchen string
Brown Paper Bags
hole punch, optional
Pine Cone Gift Bags

Cut piece of tree bark that is label sized and label it with guest’s name. Punch a hole into the top of the bark to create a tag. Thread the string through the hole and around the pine cone. Tie. Attach, with string, to the brown paper bag for the gift bags.

Pine Cone Place Card
Cut piece of tree bark and label with name. Punch a hole into the top of the bark to create a tag. Thread the string through the hole and around the pine cone. Set table with these as place settings.


Following his “Camp Grayson party,” click here, our lucky guy often celebrates a second time with cousins and often at the lake. Grayson and his cousin Cade were a great help with gathering the foliage, fallen bark and pine cones for the decorations.  The above “G for Grayson” was made by cutting out a G from cardboard, binding it with a paper wrapping ribbon and just sliding all of the leaves and pine cones into the ribbon. It looked great hanging over the picnic table. I love treasure hunts and I prepare these every year — one hunt for the oldest 5 and a second hunt for the youngest 5 — the oldest pushing me to challenge their more each year which was why I began freezing clues and this year: one that they had to swim for! Writing the clues on the pieces of fallen bark gave a real adventure feel. We wish you summer fun, too!


Camping Birthday Party
Guppy Garland (template included)
Icy Treasure Hunts


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