Happy 4th of July!

These tassel pencils are easy to make, fun to use and can be made any time of the year.


We made these pencils with cousins Emma and Olivia, before heading north to meet more cousins, at the lake for 4th of July celebrations. After the parade, swimming, the BBQing and baseball, there’s always time to creating. The kids really don’t need entertaining but, it’s become a tradition for me to plan a Treasure Hunt and I have to try harder and hardest to out fox my oldest nephews! They are was how I thought up freezing clues (like this.) It’s really a fun element to add to a blazing hot day. These pencils will be a part of the kit the kids will find at the end of their fun. It seems like this year they’re busy taking note for their Nature Club and I see that they’ll be put to quick use. I love that. Have you tried this before?  I’m so happy to meet you here with this quick, simple and shiny willowday project that you can make with you own hands, too! Happy Willowday Making!

For full instructions, click on “read more” below to continue:

This is what you’ll need:
– Craft Paper Tape (Washi works, too)
– Red, white and blue ribbon
– Pencils
– Scissors

– Cut 3 two-inch pieces of ribbon which will be used to top these pencils.
– Now, click here for full pencil tutorial,  replacing the feather or animal toppers with these three strands of ribbon to create the hassle top.
– Have fun!

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Secret Agent Spy Party (We made these in party themed red and black for our party)
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