Custom Bud Vases


Perfectly Pretty Pairings: Custom Bud Vases
Last week, I noticed that we had a teeny bit of paint left from a DIY and had a feeling it would be perfectly matched to our late blooming roses. I had been saving glass jars and knew just what I wanted to do. As F stepped out to help me, in her matching rose flip flips, I couldn’t believe my styling luck! One for her bedroom and several for our dinner table! I hope you find a little spot in your house for these, too. We made individual customized bud vases with a little whoosh of spray paint and the recycle fingernail polish bottles, I had been saving.  So easy and you can choose any color of the rainbow.
Spray Paint
Drop cloth or newspaper to as painting surface
Recycled glass jars.
(I’ve been saving teeny finger nail polish bottles
and Japanese Soy bottles. I love their curve.)
Wooden Skewers
It is preferable to work outside — both for ventilation and for the helpful
possibility to work with the wooden skewers.
1) Begin by selecting your glass jars.
2) Turn the jars upside down in your work space.
3) Shake the spray can well.
4.) Place the wood skewers in the ground and spray the bottles thoroughly, rotating.

5.) Let dry.
6. Add flowers and enjoy!
Fill with beautiful flowers and enjoy!
Set a customized table; assign one per child; fill with flowers for place cards, or fill and give as a little gift for a nice neighbor. Rainbows of possibilities.
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