Ghost Straw Toppers

Halloween Entertaining
Quick and easy: Ghost Straws

Grab your straws.  Cut out a ghost. Make some holes. Float the ghost on your straw and slide these into your guest’s drinks! Halloween in a heartbeat: Instant Halloween Festivity!
White Paper PDF template for Ghost, click here
Xacto Knife
Hole Punch

How to make:
Using this PDF template or making your own, cut out ghost silhouettes from white paper.
Punch two eyes with hole punch.
If you have a hole punch that would punch a hole in the middle of the ghost, make one punch for the straw. If not, just make an “x” with your Xacto knife and slide the straw through the middle and you are ready! Slide these into your drinks or place in a bowl as a bouquet!
Have fun these holidays!
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