Leaf Printables

Happy Monday!
Happy October 1st!

Happy …Leaf-a-paloosa!

Our neighborhood burst into color this weekend! Did yours, too? Today, I want to “leaf” September behind and fall into October! Below, you will find two leaf printables, (here andhere) that can be used in a variety of ways! I hope these “leaf” you inspired!

Leaf Printable #1:
Make your own! Printable Leaf Book (printable PDF file here and below)
Top image: Add finishes touches: We added craft paper tape binding, punched a hole and strung and tied a ribbon/string. Print Leaf book. Above bottom left: Cut along dashed line to cut the paper in half.
Above bottm right: Apply glue to the backside and glue these pages together to form an accordion fold book.Glue the outside, along the edges and wrap with the third, cover page.
Use your imagination with and make your own leaf book: Write your own story.
Draw around the images (above bottom left) or  use the images as a part of your drawings(above bottom right.)
#1 Make your own: Leaf Art BookClick for PDF Printable: #1 Leaf Book
Follow the instructions above to make your own leaf book.
You can also print out this file and use each page individually. These would make great cards or framed after your budding artists add their own inspiration.
Leaf Printable #2: Simple Printable Leaf Printable
#2: Print out a Leaf Art Printable:
(Click for PDF Printable: Leaf Art)Are you leaf gathering like us? What are you doing with your leaves? Did you use these printables in a different way? I’d love to hear from you! Happy Leaf-a-paloosa days!

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