“The House That Lars Built”

Happy Wednesday! I’m over at Brittany’s Scandinavian 24 Days of Christmas at her lovely blog, The House that Lars Built, today. I’m happy to bridge the distance between Copenhagen and Stockholm with these Ice Lanterns that have connected so many of us, as well, during these 11 months of willowday. It’s been an amazing experience. For the full post, click here, to continue to my Day 12 contribution. Happy Holidays and Ice LanternMaking!


(How to make Ice Lanterns, click here)
Brittany’s a creative American designer, paper flower designer and stylist that I would love to collaborate with again; even though it will soon be from the other side of the Atlantic. She’s moving back to the US in just days but, leaves behind such nice impressions of Copenhagen on her blog. Thank you, Brittany.

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