Snow Flake Lions

Happy Friday!

Do you, too, have multitudes of paper snow flakes around your house, this time of the year? Here’s something new: 1 snow flake + 1 lion = 1 snow flake lion! Suddenly, we have “a pride” in our house. We think they’re so cute and I hope you will, too, make these cuties. This is a wonderful, sit down project, to do with your kids: easy paper snowflake lions.  I’d love to see your snow flake creations, too! See below for the how-to complete withPDF template (click here)



…Lions… oh my! (Lions and tiger and bears, why not?) I’d love to see what kind of creativity this brings to your surroundings, too.
How to make Paper Snow Flake Lions:
1. Cut snow flake and lion body (click here for PDF) 2-3. Unfold snow flake. 4. Fold Lion.5-6. Carefully slide the snow flake over the lion’s head.  I hope these bring you as much pleasure as they’ve brought us. See you back here, next week! Wishing you a happy and a creative weekend!
Printable Templates
1. Lion PDF Template (click here for PDF)
2  Snow flake template (snow flake template here)
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