These artful “bisous*” are not for your cheeks but for your tummy. Bisous Bious is a new cafe, located on a quiet corner in Stockholm’s southern island called Soder. It’s also conveniently located just off the bustling corner of Hornsgatan and Långholmsgatan and steps way from the Hornstull subway. Have you ever seen pastries like these before?

I surprised the kids this week by stopping here after school. The warm setting provides a nice space to enjoy an array of these small pretties. Give yourself a little time to choose. Their flavors ranged from Raspberry to Tiramisu to Licorice; add an Italian espresso or a glass of champagne, too. Talking to the staff, I learned that the pastry chef has experience from both France and Japan and uses special techniques from her accomplished travels and training.They taste like French pastries and look a little bit like a cake roll, but not. I think they’re such a interesting variation to the traditional Swedish afternoon cinnamon bun (bulle.) They also make me want to throw a party. Bisous Bisous, we’re glad to have you here in Stockholm. Their exact address is: Hornsbruksgatan 24, Stockholm and here’s their Facebook page.