Happy Friday


I returned for a better shot of that adorable pony with the heart in the background and look who appeared: these two “love horses” to frame him perfectly! Can you believe my luck? It was the countryside equivalent to the city surprise the Valentine stop lights brought, this week (here).  Chasing hearts all week, has been such fun (here, here, here and here).

Browsing for jeans, I found this Shetland Pony Sweater project instead. Shetlands in sweaters and nuzzling horses, isn’t this the perfect day to share these? I think these ponies are the cutest Ambassadors. I’ve always wanted to travel to this region.

I hope you have plenty of time to “horse around” this weekend!  I can’t wait to meet you back here, next week.  Happy Willowday Weekend Wishes!

Something for the weekend:

Snowflake Lions
Gum Drop Activity
We’ll be making more: Fruit Roll ups
Our favorite Granola
Transfer a drawing as an embroidery: Art work embroideries