DIY: Pen Case from Recycled Jeans


Why did I not think to build our Rapunzel a tower?…



But, instead … sewed our Rapunzel a pen case, which she flew off with today!

The two of us have been packing and preparing for her class trip (click here). My hands were just itching to send her off with something discreetly mommy-made.  Since the class will already be doing school work, it wasn’t the time for me to add to her work with a travel journal; then,  I remembered the jeans, jeans and more baby jeans, I had been saving. Recently, I’ve been up-cycyling baby clothes (click here) and realized that these jeans would make fantastic pen cases, necessaries, or even purses, if you just add a strap.

Do you, too, save baby clothes? I’m getting better sifting through the old, but, you’d think that their baby clothes could speak, the way I can’t let go of their first outfits; however, recently, I’m finding inner strength and enjoying turning these baby items into something new — Moms need to take baby steps sometimes, too! This case was made in under 30 minutes! I hope it might bring you a little inspiration. Happy Making.

If you’d like to know how, just continue below:


Sturdy Zipper
Baby Jeans
Denim colored thread
Scissor and pinking shears

Begin by pressing the jeans so that all seams lay flat. All pockets and zippers should be as flat as possible, so that the seams can be sewn shut. Cut the legs off to create a rectangular. On the outside, sew all openings closed (pockets and front zipper). Once these seams have been sewn securely, clip away interior extra material, with a pinking sheers; reinforce these interior seams by hand or with a surger to prevent raveling. After the pockets, zippers and any external opening have been closed, turn this inside out, with the right sides facing one another, and sew up the bottom. The last step will be to add a zipper to the top: First pin, then sew a zipper onto the top (waistband) area of the jeans. I used one that had larger, industrial teeth and a finger sized loop pull. Happy Creating!
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