Make a Jack-o-lantern with Fall Foliage

Has the Halloween spirit struck your house, yet?  I love this way to combine pumpkins and leaves.

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Our kids are talking costumes, trying on our old, planning new ones and are twisting my arm to add pumpkins to our shopping basket every time I pop in to only pick up milk: (“but,  I’ll carry it, Mom… I’ll carry it. They are so convincing…) Yes, I’m weak for big eyes, fun and a smile; add a pretty object and there you go: we have a house full of pumpkins but, I’m not ready to carve.  Doesn’t it seem like once one carves a pumpkin, it’s shelf-life expires on the spot? So, this weekend, when we made our Tiny Leaf Wreaths, the leaves spoke to me: “decorate with us now and you’ll still be able to carve us into jack-o-lanterns later?” After all, even Henry‘s bringing home beautiful leaves! No, carving tools, necessary!


I think we’ll be keeping these but, all one would have to do is to simply remove the pins and you’d still have a pumpkin that is ready for carving.  I’d love to see what you do with our willowday: Pumpkin with Fall Foliage project — a simple project for you to make with your own hands, too! 
You’ll need:
1 Pumpkin
Straight Pins
– Set up work space.
– Eye up your pumpkin and foliage. Plan what you’d like the face to look like. We used the tips of Maple leaves for eyes, an acorn for the nose and berries to make the mouth — plus added a tiny leaf wreath on top as hair.
– To animate: Press pins through the foliage and attach to pumpkin by pressing the pin straight into the pumpkin.
– Once you’re satisfied with the face, find a great spot to display! Happy Halloween Making!
There are so many things you could do with this technique. I’d love to see what you do!
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