Make Paper Feathers with printable


Hello friends. I can’t wait to get this into your hands: Make Paper Feathers with printable

I’ve made sets of Paper Feathers for everyone in the family and bonus Paper Feathers, too.  I’ve prepared the feathers and now, it’s up to everyone in my family to embellish these with paint, , drawings, color, etc; followed with a note for what they are grateful for every day of the month. 

This is the start of our  “Thanksgiving” branch that greets us by our front door.

Make Paper Feathers with printable


  • Paper
  • Cutting tool (scissors or xacto knife)
  • Thin wire (Hobby wire, gardening wire or even pipe cleaners will do
  • Items for embellishment, if desired; glitter, colors, etc.
1. Print Paper Feathers Template (here)
2. Cut feathers from template.
3. Paint, Glitter, Color, Glue — embellish each feather and enjoy!
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