Heart Matching Memory Game


A perfect gift or project — keep them plain, add a message, use them as decorations, add a magnet to the back  — or  (Click below for full post – photo, idea and tutorial…)


… paint with kids to make a matching, memory, game.
Sweet treats of another kind. Make this Heart-shaped Matching Game with clay — a super Valentine’s Day Craft or simply use as a decoration. This is a great project to make together, in a class or as a perfect present. Click below for full tutorial…
When it comes to the holidays, I break my regular rules and I crave super, sweet, holiday candies from my childhood, as though I have the taste buds of an elementary school kid!Candy corn at Thanksgiving, Tootsie Rolls on the 4th of July and Valentine Conversation Heart Candies for Valentine’s Day. 
I returned from the US, recently with a big score: Valentine Conversation Candies and as I snuck my first hearts, I realized that I loved their look … much more than their taste and decided that we needed to find a project that would mimic those chalky pastel colors. Clay was the perfect match. This was a project to make with our pre-school friend, Kira but, I love them so much, we have some, too that we’re using as holiday decor.

– Hobby Paint
– Stir Sticks
–  cups for paint and water
– Air Dry Clay
-Heart-shaped cookie cutter
How to make Heart-shaped Dominos:

Roll out the clay. Cut heart-shapes.
Let the heart-shaped clay dry.
When the clay is completely dry, paint the heart-shapes. Let dry.
For this game, we painted the hearts only 1/2 way however, you could paint these in colors that match the original candies, as well; add messages or even adhere magnets to the backs!
Note: I wanted to share the above version that’s a little rough because I, personally, like that raw look; however, if you would like these to look very smooth, just dip a finger in water after cutting out the hearts and smooth.