Make Bulldog Bookmarks

1600 Bulldog BookmarkbMake BULLDOG BOOKMARKS

Origami is paper simplicity. There is no prep work to it at all, other than locating one single sheet of square paper. Once you’ve located that paper, the only other thing you’re going to need to do, is to invite these BULLDOG BOOKMARKS into your home.

I promise that making just one BULLDOG BOOKMARK won’t be enough. You’ll want a Bulldog Bookmark for every book you own. Ok. Maybe that’s a small exaggeration but, I do hope it makes my boys feel like this! Dogs are hugely popular in our home. Bulldogs rule, right now, and folding one in paper is truly such a fun activity. I can’t wait to get these BULLDOG BOOKMARKS into your hands, too.

Come below with a step by step tutorial!

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  • Square sheets of origami or 220 g paper


  • Fold the edge to the center diagonal.
  • Let the paper underneath flip out from the underside. Don’t crease. Do the same on the other side.
  • Fold down in half.
  • Fold the bottom tip of the top flap to meet the top center.
  • Fold paper in half on diagonal both ways, open, and flip over
  • Fold opposite points to center and flip over.
  • Draw the raw edges of the bottom that you you folded up and have them meet the raw edges underneath; creating rabbit ears with the middle flap. Repeat this on both sides. (See photos below)
  • Symmetrically squash the center flap. This will become the nose.
  • Mountain fold this cross-wise. (Do this just above the ear areas.)
  • Now, this fold will create the eyes: pinch the fold that you have just made and form a valley fold about an eighth of an inch above it. This is a fold of personal taste. It effects the amount of paper for the eyes of the dog. (See photos below)
  • Fold the edges of the ears over — you determine the size that you like best.
  • Mountain fold the top of the nose.
  • Fold the bottom of the nose under to taste and your bulldog is ready!
  • Slide the book mark over a page in a good book and you’re ready to go!  Happy Making!
I wanted to clearly show the folding patterns of these Bulldogs without embellishment; but, these BULLDOG BOOKMARKS beckon creativity and embellishment. Let your kids draw on them, paint on them or change them exactly the way that would like.