DIY Candy Garland


DIY Candy Garland. When littles become bigs the challenge is how to keep up the fun of family birthday celebrations; keeping them satisfying but no longer babyish.
One party good that’s for all ages is candy. When I saw our daughter creating a candy based idea for big brother, it led to this idea. (I’ll share her idea soon.) She and I strung DIY Candy Garlands with our birthday boys favorite candy which we strung up this morning for a day of celebrations! Hipp Hipp Hurrah! I just love their color bursts.
brodys-birthday-lead brodys-birthdaydouble
These barely need a tutorial, right? But stringing along details of a birthday are like spreading sugar and we wanted to do the same for you!

Candy in wrapper, kitchen string (or ribbon), scissors
– Cut string desired length.
– Attach candies to the string by tying them one by one.
– Once you have an evenly spaced length of string, your DIY Candy Garland is go to go!

Above: Do you see how we wrapped our garland around a piece of cardboard? This is a really handy way to keep these from not becoming a tangled mess which we did experience!
Sending you streams of happiness today, too,  as we start some super celebrations for the birthday of our first born son.  I’ll look at him forever like this but, honestly, I’m so relieved to see that I, too, can grow with him — enjoy — and as I admire and humbly discover and watch him grow into that beautiful person he was born to become celebrate it!
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