Printable Coloring Paper Dandelion Crowns

Hello Summer! Hello Sun.  Hello, Summer Simplicity. 

The humble dandelion reminded me of why I started willowday originally —  to share and inspire simple, everyday, creativity from our home in Sweden for anyone to find creativity, beauty and inspiration in their own day — and often, in your own hands.

Today: a  Printable Coloring Paper Dandelion Crown (Click Here) in that spirit!

This week, we’re leading into our Swedish Midsummer celebrations!  Not everyone can make a fresh flower crown and I wanted to make this easy for you with a Printable Paper Dandelion Crown.
This is what you’ll need:
  • Print yourPrintable Coloring Paper Dandelion Crown  template on letterhead paper or card stock.
  • Color the template.  Cut around the shapes to create a dandelion crown.
  • Attach the two (or more) parts together with glue or tape to form a circle. Enjoy!


As always, I’m so happy to meet you here and hope this Printable Paper Dandelion Crown brings your fun!
 If you’re inspired by this post, I love to hear from you + see what you do with it.
Willowday Wishes.

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