I’m just waiting for our oldest to finish his school day and our long, Easter, holiday weekend officially starts.  Tomorrow, we should have trick or treating witches knocking at our door. Last night, the kids and I have added feathers to our Easter Bouquets and as I added a few eggs that were coloured with my favorite technique (naturally dyes, more here)

If you’re looking for a very simple Big and Small Sharpie Easter Egg project, this is one for you. 


Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_13

All you need is an egg and a sharpie or permanent marker.

I’ve drawn on a naturally dyed, hollow eggs but, kids have drawn on the dime-store variety.

That’s it! I can imagine using this is many different ways and wanted to send off a wish and inspiration.

Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_11

Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_14


I hope you’ve been able to find many projects for the season here. I rounded them up in one post to make this very simple for you. Did you catch the Emoji Eggs from my Art Studio, here?  and have 25+ Handmade Easter Projects.

25 Handmade Easter Projects