Printable Halloween Paper Dolls

It’s the season for Halloween fun and I wanted to get these into youy hands just in time for the weekend:

Abracadabra: Printable Halloween Paper Dolls in the blink of an eye. 

Halloween Puppet_LEAD_BLOG

Print these Printable Halloween Paper Dolls just for fun or leave them whole and use these as Halloween Cards or  Halloween party favours.

Halloween PuppetLEAD_MAIN_BLOGIf you’re looking for something to do with the kids this weekend or a group, simply: print, cut + assemblePrintable Halloween Paper Dolls.

It’s easy to up the action by attaching them to a wooden stick for a hoping toy.

To do this: affix the printed dolls to a wooden stick with tape or glue.

Halloween Puppet_POSTCARD for BLOG

(Printable Halloween Paper Dolls | Above)


To Assemble:

  • Cut body, arms and legs
  • Attach with paper fastener.
  • Enjoy