50 Shades of Gray

It’s so gray around me that’s it’s measurable! 50 Shades of Gray – measurable. I also have proof that my art is affected by my surroundings. It’s also  50 Shades of Gray. Have you ever wondered how the colors of your world break down? Are you affected by your surroundings?

I have a tool for you to also break down photos into color palettes.  You might not be looking for confirmation of the colors of your world; but, this is such fun and it’s also a super tool for design. It can be useful for renovations, home styling; photography portfolios and more —- or just for fun. I’ll share the tool below and a few glimpses of our local 50 Shades of Gray,  these past 3 weeks.


8 shades of  the 50 Shades of Gray, on a morning walk to this beautiful garden.  This little pavilion sits in the middle this garden and this time,  peeked inside the windows. Are they the original 17th Century panes? The refractions of light were beautiful and this table made me want to return for candlelight and a glass of champagne!


And… Gray at home, too.

Lights and candles warm 50 Shades of Gray inside our house … But, OK. How can you do this, too?

The site is called COLOR PALETTE (click HERE)  All you need to is go to the site, upload a photo and get the results within seconds. 


Did you find yesterday’s Rainbow Post? 10 Rainbow Projects to make with your kids (or those who are a kid at heart!) Wishing you every color of the rainbow, today; which in our house, includes: 50 Shades of Gray.


Willowday Wishes,




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(Please contact me directly if you’re interested in this print above (Floral Girl with handmuff. You can see it here in a short little film). It’s not currently displayed in my shop, but, do have it available.)